Learn taekwondo with a Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee

Master Irvin is a well-respected teacher in the martial arts community. His long list of accomplishments includes:

41 years of martial arts teaching experience.

Certification to teach handicap people and those with special needs or ADD.

Induction into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame, which is a prestigious national award in the martial arts community.

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Master Irvin's HOD is a great place for kids and adults to learn physical and mental skills! It's fun, high-energy, exercise and in-depth instruction from Master Irvin.

Shelby M.

Best thing I've ever done for my son. He loves going and we always family there.

Elizabeth K.

We really enjoy Master Irvin's House of Discipline. He is a great teacher and my son has enjoyed his classes. Master Irvin has a unique way of bringing out the best in his students and making them want to excel.

Many discounts and class options are available

The whole family will have fun taking taekwondo classes. We offer multiple family discounts so that everyone can join in. If you're a military veteran, you're eligible for a discount, too. Get one-on-one instruction with Master Irvin. Private lessons are available by appointment only on Saturdays and cost $50 for one hour.

Your first-class is always free, so try it out today and get a glimpse of the skills and techniques you'll learn while training at Master Irvin's House of Discipline.

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Master Irvin's House of Discipline is not for the weak of heart. If you are really serious about martial arts training and self defense then I highly recommend this school. THE BEST PLACE IVE EVER BEEN & THE BEST INSTRUCTOR IVE EVER HAD!!! Top Rated.

Johnny C.

Master Irvin's House Of Discipline is a wonderful school. They make you feel so welcome and treat everyone so nicely. Master Irvin is a great instructor, and in my opinion the #1 in the area! I recommend this school for adults and children of all ages. My son's self confidence has improved a whole lot since he started at Master Irvin's house of discipline. Keep it up master Irvin, Muhammad loves you!

Amani Y.

As a teenager who has taken classes at Master Irvin's House of Discipline, I can truly say that this school of tae kwon do is the best there is in north Louisiana. It Rocks! I encourage any and all other teens to get involved in this martial arts school. It not only teaches one self-defense, but self-discipline as well. After earning a black belt from Master Irvin's House of Discipline I have confidence in my skills to defend myself, as well as discipline.

Imani P