Improve Your Focus and Strengthen Your Reflexes

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Learn critical self-defense stances and get a challenging workout at Master Irvin's House of Discipline. As an added benefit, you'll also learn other martial arts techniques, including judo and MMA. If you've been thinking about trying taekwondo, sign up for a class today-your first class is always free.

Belt testing takes place about every four months. You can earn your black belt in less than five years with daily training and lots of determination.

Master the art of taekwondo

Whether your goal is to earn your black belt or simply learn a new skill to challenge yourself, taekwondo courses are a great option for you. As a taekwondo student of Master Irvin, you'll learn how to:

  • Target vulnerable points of the human body that you can use to your benefit in a scary situation.
  • Strengthen and quicken your reflexes.
  • Use your agility and quick reflexes if you're attacked.
  • Improve your focus and self-awareness.

Are you ready to gain confidence and self-disciple? Call 318-752-9599 today to sign up for your first free class.

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