Enroll Your Child in Taekwondo Classes Today

Have fun while gaining skills and confidence in Bossier City, LA

Young people will learn what it means to have self-discipline at Master Irvin's House of Discipline. Our taekwondo courses take place in a fun and structured environment that allows kids to be themselves, while also learning new skills and techniques. We always get the parents involved so expect to sit nearby and watch multiple classes to see how your child is progressing.

Kids can start taking taekwondo classes as early as age four. Black belt classes for kids follow the same track as the adult classes, but they focus more on kicking techniques.

Start your child early, and they'll gain lifelong skills

Learning taekwondo is a lifetime practice. Master Irvin holds a variety of classes to suit your child's age and skill level, including:

  • Beginner classes: Kids ages 4-12 learn taekwondo basics.
  • Intermediate classes: Young adults ages 12-17 expand on the basics.
  • Adult classes: Once they turn 17 or 18, they'll move into the adult classes.
If your child is ready to start training with Master Irvin and his team, contact us today to sign up for their first free class.

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