About Us

About Us

Senior Master Ivory Irvin 7th Degree Black Belt National Tae Kwon Do Federation of America

Born in New Orleans, LA, Master Irvin’s Martial Arts training began in 1972 at Southern Black Belt Academy in New Orleans. His instructor, a Korean native, trained him intensely, often 6 days a week for months at a time.

Master Irvin received his 1st-degree black belt in the fall of 1974 from the academy where he began his training. Later that year he joined the U.S. Army where he furthered his martial arts pursuits. He often trained with the Republic of Korea (ROK) Armed Forces, where he was introduced to martial arts weapons (Bo and Nunchakus).

Master Irvin has served as a Combative Arts Instructor for the U.S. Army Military Police units at a host of military installations, both in the United States and overseas. During his illustrious military career, he has instructed martial arts for a variety of studio owners, churches, youth, and recreational facilities, colleges, and universities, as well as provided private instruction.

Following his military retirement in the spring of 1995 and after obtaining the military rank of MAJOR, he directed his efforts towards turning his long-time dream of owning his very own martial arts school into a reality. This dream came to fruition when he resigned his 8-year position as a faculty member of Louisiana State University-Shreveport (Where he had instructed Martial Arts/ Self Defense) and opened his school in August 2005. The school that he opened was named “Master Irvin’s House of Discipline and is one of the premier martial arts schools in the area. Master Irvin’s House of Discipline is a school that’s thriving in the Bossier City area and beyond. The students enrolled really enjoy the class and learn skills that can be used throughout their lives. Master Irvin accepts students ranging from ages 4 to 84. Master Irvin’s House of Discipline, “Where Discipline Is Your Weapon!”