Empower Yourself With Self-Defense Tactics

Empower Yourself With Self-Defense Tactics

Take a women's self-defense class in Bossier City, LA

It's important for women to know how to properly defend themselves if they're ever faced with an attacker. At Master Irvin's House of Discipline, women learn proven tactics to defend themselves from a possible attack or sexual assault. When you take a women's self-defense class, you will:

  • Practice specific scenarios so that you know how to protect yourself in a real-life situation.
  • Receive a certificate of instruction in self-defense to take home with you.
  • Arm yourself with knowledge and confidence.

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Sign up for the class that's best for you

Our women's self-defense classes are by appointment only and take place on four consecutive Saturdays during one month. You can take a one-on-one class or gather a group of ten or more women to take the class together.

4 Week Woman's Self Defense Class

4 Week Woman's Self Defense Class

Sept. 24th- Oct. 15th
6:30pm - 7:30pm
$150 for 4 weeks